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Sewage Clean Up Services

Phoenix Sewage Clean Up Services

Sewage back up is a fatal environmental problem that typically can occur due to any of the following conditions:

  • Rising water caused by rivers or streams
  • Sump pump failure
  • Floor drain back up
  • Flooding of sea water
  • Septic tank back flow

If sewage water enters your home or business property, the extent of damage can be both extremely severe and highly inconvenient. If exposure is prolonged to such an environment, this can result in pathogenic, fungal, or viral contamination which can lead to severe health risks. Additionally, the extent of damage can be judged from the polluted carpet, wood, linoleum, plaster, and anything else that can absorb water moisture. Even the non-porous materials need to be thoroughly rinsed with a biocide solution to kill all of the remaining bacteria. Often times with any sewer damage work, there will be the need for Phoenix mold removal or mold remediation. Let’s face it, a sewer repair and restoration job is not pleasant for the ihabitants of the building or the guys working on it, but hey somebody has got to do it.

At ASAP Restoration LLC, we offer the most cost effective remedies for sewage cleanup and repair situations. Our in-house team of skilled professionals are highly experienced with extensive Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) on them in order to protect themselves against any type of sewage exposure. We follow all of the safety measures and quality standards required to remove moisture from all kind of porous and non-porous material and in order to make the environment free from microbial growth and safe. Phoenix sewer damage jobs are just like water damage repair work, just a with a more stronger odor. If your sewer is leaking and you don’t know why, give our Phoenix water removal specialists a call 24 hours a day. We can help locate the water leaks and get moving on the Phoenix water damage repair work fast. We also handle Arizona fire damage repair.