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Leak Detection

Phoenix Leak Detection And Locating Services

ASAP Restoration LLC offers a wide range of leak detection and locating services. In some cases it can be hard to tell where the water leak is coming from and very frustrating to discover that there is a leak somewhere causing water damage to your home or personal property. In most cases, the source of the water/flood damage is obvious as in the case of a washing machine hose bursting, or roof leak, however more often than not, you cannot see where the water leaks is coming from. It can be a leak in the wall, under the concrete foundation, inside an icemaker line behind the refrigerator of your home, or from a loose toilet, an angle stop gone bad, a drain leakage, a shower pan leak in your restroom, or a number of other sources. Our leak detection specialists can find and detect where the leak is coming from and fix it. Our goal is to stop current water damage from unknown leaks and prevent future Phoenix water damage from occurring.

A water leak can happen at any given time. Usually, a plumbing pipe leak or break in your plumbing system can cause lots of water damage throughout your home. Water heaters if broken, can also be a source of possible water damage or water leaks. Our team of Phoenix water removal specialists can isolate and detect the leak very quickly. Once we have identified the source of the water leak, we can then begin the Phoenix water damage restoration work immediately. In many cases of water damage, your insurance company often covers this type of home water damage and we can work with your insurance company to help with costs associated with your flood or water damage repairs. Our team works fast and diligently. ASAP Restoration is available for you 24 hours a day. Just call us any time day or night at 602-888-9068. Any type of water damage repairs must be done by a licensed professional. If the water is not properly removed, you risk possible mold contamination in the wet or humid areas which will then lead to your having to utilize a Phoenix mold removal team.