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Water Damage Phoenix

ASAP Restoration, LLC handles water damage repairs and restoration 24 HRS a day in Phoenix, Arizona. We work with homeowners and their insurance companies in effort to completely restore the damage caused by flood, storm, water leaks, or plumbing leaks. Our entire goal is to restore your home or commercial property back to its pre – loss condition.

We are available day or night for all of your Phoenix water damage needs.

We can be your initial point of contact during your water damage emergency and help you with the insurance claims process to make sure all goes smoothly, and that we can take care of your immediate needs quickly. In order to restore the damage caused by the water leak, flood, or storm we must completely dry out your home of any moisture or humidity caused by the water leak. Our objective is to then examine the property for any additional leaks or find moist areas that can potentially cause mold growth.

The work required to properly repair the damage caused by water can result in major home repairs and remodel work to provide a high quality home improvement project while restoring the property to a pre – loss condition.  A water leak can happen any time for many different reasons. The most common cause of water damage is by flood or storm. Another way your home can become damaged by water or flooded is by bad plumbing or a plumbing leak.

Call Your Phoenix Water Damage specialists now at 602-888-9068.

Mold Damage Phoenix

If water damage is not properly repaired or removed from your property, your property will remain moist or humid in many areas causing mold spores to grow. Our Phoenix mold damage removal specialists can also help you with all of your mold problems.

Fire Damage Phoenix

ASAP Restoration, LLC also provides 24 hr Phoenix, Arizona fire damage repair and restoration. That includes smoke damage repair. We are IICRC Certified to handle all water, mold and fire damage restoration work in Phoenix.

Phoenix Water Restoration Process

Restoration from Water Damage

Water Removal Process – Water damage can be a major issue. However, we will handle the situation by removing the water and restoring the area promptly while simultaneously avoiding as much long-term damage as possible. Below we will walk you through our step-by-step process of restoration.

First, Contact US! Our emergency number is: 602-888-9068

It is crucial to remove the water as soon as possible in order to prevent permanent damage. Please call with some understanding of the extent of the flooding as well as whether it is continuous or terminated, and we assure you that we will respond immediately with our service.

Our water removal equipment includes: an infrared camera, submersible pumps, moisture detectors, portable and truck mounted water extractors, dehumidifiers, and drying panels. The initial information you give us is crucial since we will come prepared in accordance to your evaluation of the flood.

Be prepared to remove property and items that could be or already have been damaged by the water.

We want to clean out the flooded area as well as we possibly can so that we can properly assess the water damage from our inspection of the area. We will identify the cause of the flood and assure that no electrical problems occur and the power is turned off as necessary. Furthermore, we will write detailed records and photograph the area for documentation and insurance reasons.

Also, the quicker that property and items are removed from the flooded area, the sooner we can begin extracting the water through our submersible pumps. Once water removal begins and emergency protocol is abided by, we can more thoroughly assess the area.

As we mentioned earlier, the entire process will be documented in writing as well as photographs in order to have adequate proof when processing insurance claims.

After removing the water it is time for clean up and drying!

During the clean up we will remove any insolvent belongings and again evaluate the area where the flooding took place. This is the point that we achieve the most accurate estimate of the damage and insurance claim.

We make sure to thoroughly dehumidify and dry the damaged area in order to prevent mold from becoming an issue. Using our blowers and other drying equipment we carefully assure that any fabrics are properly drying and if a carpet is present we will lift it and remove any moisture.

The equipment will be left at the property in order to finish the drying process, but we will follow up and monitor the drying progress until we achieve our goal.

We not only remove the water, but also repair the damage!

If necessary, we will provide reconstruction to the damaged area. This includes painting or any other services to achieve the property’s original state prior to the flooding.

Finally, we will clean up!

We remove all of our equipment once we have achieved the desired results and we remove any remaining dirt or debris in the area. Floor cleaning and complete carpet cleaning are available as options.

We make sure to remain in touch and periodically check to be sure there is no mold problems. We also hope to prevent the flood from happening again, so we do request that we fix the source of the original problem and from then on maintain the reconstruction.

We hope to leave your property looking like new!