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flood-damage-phoenixStorms and floods can cause maximum damage to your home or business property. Emergency situations require a high level of training in order to assure the priority and safety of you and your family is the main part of the plan. We understand than even a small delay in the process can cause serious physical damage to both property and individuals inside the property. ASAP Restoration LLC takes quick action in order to protect your property. Our team provides cost effective repair options. We arrive on site, ready to get to work quickly. We cover damaged roofs, extract flood water and debris. We will also provide the removal of all debris, fallen trees and other related material from your property.

Phoenix water damage can be caused by rain, floods and storms depending on how the water was able to enter the home. Often times, during a storm, it can occur due to holes or open areas in the roof or walls that need to be repair. In this event, the water leak could have been prevented. As displayed in the picture to the right of the screen, in a severe storm strong enough to move trees, if you have large trees surrounding or by your home, the water damage during a storm will obviously enter with a large hole throught the top of your Arizona home. The areas of North Scottsdale and Gilbert typically see the most water during our Arizona storms. Make sure you can take preventative measures if you know a storm is coming. Our water removal specialists can dry your home out quickly and we are available 24 hours a day. Remember, water damage can lead to mold growth or contamination, which will require Phoenix mold removal work. We also handle fire damage restoration. ‚Äč